Paul (pggmilltn) wrote in clubgross,

Dinner Party Assignment

I have an assignment in which I must invite 12 people for a dinner party, plan the party out, etc. Here is my list in ABC Order, newly revised.

Jimmy Carter
Harry Chapin*
Cesar Chavez
Albert Einstein
Mohandas Gandhi*
Dag Hammarskjold
Martin Luther King Jr.
Michael Moore*
Ralph Nader
Jesus of Nazareth
Henry David Thoreau*
Walt Whitman*

I noticed that for the most part, I have invited males of western-european descent, and have not invited any females. Does anyone have any suggestions about people to consider for the list? I am leaning strongly towards adding the poet Sor Juana. The five people with stars by their names are five people I insist on having at the dinner party.
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